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Kimmo Ohtosen avoin kirje salametsästäjille

Ei vuotta ilman laittomasti tapettua sutta. Kimmo Ohtonen teki avoimen kirjeen salametsästäjille. Suomessa on nyt noin 200 sutta.

Työryhmä: Peter Westerholm, Timo Ylifrantti, Tuomo Björksten, Nora Kajantie.


Oppeja eletystä elämästä


Miksi ihmeessä ihmiset pyrkivät Eurooppaan?


  1. I can remember the massacre at Port Arthur. Assuming it is the same event, it must have been much later than the 1960s, as I was an adult. I think it was in the mid-90s. A truly awful thing.

  2. I LOVE your work and would benefit greatly from being a part of your workshop. I have my second annual boudoir event in two weeks and it packed out! Imagine if I could use your tactics! Anyhow, regardless of winnings- you have an admirer in me!

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